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3D exhibits for personal injury cases

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Legal3D are the experts in creating medical-grade 3D anatomical exhibits from your Client’s exact injuries.

Our virtual 3D visuals and 3D printed exhibits deliver a powerful impact for your personal injury case. Our 3D models of your Client’s exact injuries lead to higher levels of engagement from all parties in mediations and trials – helping you reach larger settlements faster.

“Lawyers have spent years trying to explain these types of injuries to jurors while a doctor is pointing to different shades of gray on an MRI or X-ray… For jurors to hold a model that shows the injuries, take it with them to deliberate, is a real game changer.”

John J. Fromen Jr. Attorney at Law

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Why use Legal3D’s Client-specific 3D exhibits for personal injury cases?

Understand and believe

Make an impact that will resonate in the jurors and mediators minds long after its presentation during the trial, helping you win more settlements

Interactive and sharable

Jurors and Mediators can interact with the model, which helps them to understand the problem and build empathy

100% accurate

An accurate, lifelike model of the actual Client’s anatomy, designed to be understood by non-medical professionals

Always affordable

Cost-effective way to produce repeatable models

Upgrade to smart, effective exhibits

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How to order

  1. Upload your client scans securely and anonymously (CT/MRI scan DICOM files)
  2. Your dedicated Success Manager discusses model options and puts your exhibit into production
  3. Your model is checked and sent via email link (3DV), or by courier (3DP)

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