The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on most sectors around the world, both economically and because firms have needed to adapt and reorganize. This includes those in legal personal injury.

Due to many courts being closed for the past 12 months, new ways of working have had to be implemented to allow law firms to continue their business operations

This includes communication and engagement with plaintiffs, defence teams, expert witnesses, and the courts remotely. Additionally, courts are not planned to open until 2022 in some states, making it increasingly more difficult to get personal injury cases resolved quickly. Due to these remote mediations taking place online, attorneys need the most efficient way to solve these cases.

This is where 3D virtual exhibits come in! Not only are they 100% accurate, but they can be produced and ready for use within 24 hours and most importantly they transform the understanding of all parties involved as medical professionals can explain the injuries using these exhibits far easier than a 2D medical illustration. The traditional method of using Medical illustrations are hard for non-medical professionals to understand, especially when typical personal injury work practices are being done remotely, but they can also be very time consuming to produce. There is also the option of getting numerous 3D exhibits printed and delivered to all parties for an even clearer understanding of the injuries or medical conditions.

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